How I Met Your Mother Alternative Ending Leaked

Fans who really hated the finale of How I Met should be happy to discover the alternative ending of the famous television series. Actually, numerous people were extremely disappointed when How I Met Your Mother ended, as they hated the way the story evolved. 

Soon after, a series of debates occurred on how the series should have ended. Almost immediately, rumors surfaced on the fact that there might be an alternative ending of the show filmed, ending that was to be included on the special features of the season 9 DVD set. Still, maybe fans will no longer have to wait to see this alternative ending, as it has leaked online. 

Initially, the How I Met Your Mother Alternative Ending leaked on YouTube, but almost immediately it was taken out from the famous site. Then, the video was uploaded on Vimeo, but it was also removed. This only made rumors worse on the existence of this alternative ending video. And we should definitely expect to see the video shared on many sources, too, as after being leaked, it took only a few hours until it spread all around the Internet. 

However, it is important to mention the fact that this ending has not been confirmed by anyone from the production of How I Met Your Mother, so it is still unknown if such a video is actually a real story. Fans surely expected in the finale to see Barney and Robin happy together, while Ted and Tracy would remain forever a happily married couple. 

At the end of Two and a Half Men, Tracy dies, while years later Ted realizes that he still loves Robin. Naturally, he finally tells his kids the story of how he met their mom, and goes to ask Robin out. Not all fans were happy with the decision to kill the mother so soon, so there is no wonder that an alternative ending might have been revealed.

Well, this alternative ending is surely a happier one, as Tracy does not die of terminal illness. Moreover, many fans did not agree with the fact that Robin and Barney separated. In this new version, the two remain together.

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