How Far Is Facebook Willing To Go To Stalk You?

Facebook is determined to become the best platform for advertising companies, which means, the social network will have to pay more attention to their subscribers’ behavior. The information that people disclose about themselves on Facebook is not enough, so the company will keep a close eye on people to find out more about them.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to regret his decision of turning the social network into an advertising platform as his mission is getting tougher and tougher each day. There are numerous companies that guarantee to study customers’ behavior and help companies customize their advertising messages according to their clients’ profiles, so Facebook has to come up with something better.

It may seem illegal to Internet users, but Facebook will gather information about its subscribers everyway it can. The Likes and descriptions that people usually give on the social network will be complemented by data gathered from outside sources. Thus, Facebook will know what type of products subscribers prefer and use these pieces of information to create better targeted advertisements on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has already signed a partnership with four companies at the beginning of February to implement its new strategy. Two of the four companies are Acxiom and Datalogix which are currently investigated by the Federal Trade Commission to find out how they collect data about consumers. Acxiom has an extensive database containing data provided by financial services companies, court records and federal government documents, whereas Datalogix can tell the spending habits of more than 100 million Americans in domains like jewelry, college tuition and medicine. The third partner that will help Facebook is Epsilon collecting data from retailers. The partial rebranding of the social networking company would not be possible without the tracking cookies that the Cupertino-based firm, BlueKai is producing for Facebook.

The decision that Zuckerberg has made could drive Facebook users away or at least push them to become more aware of the data trail they leave behind while surfing the Internet. However, the government should impose some limitations, too, as Facebook and other companies, should not be allowed to gather information about people when they use their loyalty cards or ZIP codes.

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