How Do Male Celebrities Stay In Shape: Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Lautner

Find out how Chris “Thor” Hemsworth and werewolf Taylor Lautner maintain their sculpted bodies just right.

We often read in newspapers and magazines that for certain roles, actors had to gain weight or loose weight to better impersonate a character. Some people, but especially women, think that no one HAS TO gain weight. The slimmer, the better. In fact, Hollywood is more like a chewing gum machine: it makes you skinny, round, bulky or whatever shape it needs you to be. In the last years, the superhero trend has been continually rising and so have the requests for toned muscular male bodies.

Chris Hemsworth – a God body

If you have seen Thor, the movie, then you know what I am talking about. That physique is certainly fit for a god. Thor is the god of thunder and he is known in the northern European culture as a strong brave deity. For this, Chris Hemsworth who was originally much skinnier, had to gain 20 pounds. So when director Kenneth Branagh told him he has to be bigger, Chris turned to compound training, which is the best option to gain weight in a short period of time. Unlike isolated training, in which the groups of muscles are trained one at a time, the compound training used more muscle groups at the same time. Chris did squats, heavy lifting and bench presses on a regular basis for 3 months.

Taylor Lautner – the Big Bad Wolf

It seems like yesterday when the skinny cool kid Lautner was giving interviews about his movies before Twilight. Now, he transformed. When the second Twilight movie was released, the Jacob hysteria began. All of the sudden we had Team Jacob and Team Edward and the girls were fighting about which one is the best. And all this because the guy took his shirt off in the movie. The power of the abs speaks again.
Taylor said that for the role of werewolf Jacob he had to gain 30 pounds. And it had to be all muscles. In one year. Taylor Lautner’s fitness trainer, Jordan Yuam told Men’s Health Magazine a trick: “The less muscle you have, the easier it is to gain muscle mass more quickly.” A good weight gaining exercise program doesn’t concentrate on cardio, but on heavy loads pushings. In the weight training use variate volume. Lautner’s exercise program also included swiss ball pikes, leg curls, and reverse crunches

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