How did Jennifer Aniston celebrate her 43rd anniversary !

Many women get depressed during their birthday parties, but not Jennifer Aniston. The actress recently celebrated her 43rd anniversary by throwing a bash on Saturday in a rented penthouse on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. The person who was responsible for this wonderful soiree was Jen’s fiancé, Justin Theroux, says Us Weekly.

The American actor wanted to do something special for his 10 month girlfriend, so he rented a luxury penthouse and invited Jen’s A-list pals. Among the guests who attended the party were also Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Kimmel, Ben Stiller, Emily Blunt and Jason Bateman.

An insider at the anniversary told Us reporters that the decoration of the party was very romantic. White hurricane candles were lined in the room and on the balcony to create an intimate atmosphere. The guests were entertained at the bar that was set up inside, whereas the presents were placed on a table that was purposefully set in the room.

Sources further stated that heaters were placed on the patio, so the guests will not feel uncomfortable because of the cold weather. Moreover, there were always servers who would walk around the room with appetizers. The actress chose to play jazz music at her 43rd anniversary because she wanted the guests to relax and be able to discuss with one another.

Aniston wore a sleeveless black dress at the party; thus preserving her sexy and elegant style. She made sure that all her guests had a wonderful time by speaking to each one of them throughout the entire evening.

The actress did not neglect her romantic fiancé, either. As a matter of fact, the two would often withdraw in a corner of the room to hug and whisper to each other for a minute. Theroux, too, surprised his girlfriend with repeated hugs and kisses.

Everybody was having such a wonderful time that the celebration lasted past midnight. Among the last persons to leave were Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

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