How Broke Is Vince Young?

Vince Young declared himself broke after he was left without a team and with just part of the money he was supposed to receive from the $26 million contract. The NFL quarterback and his legal representatives are making investigations to determine who could be responsible for the loss of money, according to the Associated Press.

Vince Young is now in a terrible financial condition after reports showed that the quarterback is broke. He was left with very little money from the $26 million contract he had signed in the past. The future looks just as dark as the present as the quarterback didn’t receive any deals this year, so he is currently without a team.

Young’s legal representatives want to find out who is responsible for Vince’s bankruptcy. Some of them think the football player likes to spend money on expensive products, whereas others think the NFL quarterback was ill-advised by his financial consultants, his uncle being one of them.

Back in 2006, Vince’s career evolution was on the rise as he helped Texas score a Rose Bowl victory. Despite this, things took a bad turn and now the football player is just hoping for a new contract. Trey Dolezal, Young’s attorney, told the press that his client needs a job, when he was asked to provide a description of Young’s current financial situation.

Young used to be a player for the Buffalo Bills until he was cut out by his third NFL team in August. The fall was all the more powerful as he made it to the Pro Bowl with the Tennessee Titans twice in his career. After he was released from the team he posted a message on his Twitter account thanking the Bills and their fans, but he refused to speak with the media ever since.

Vince Young is now suing his former agent, Major Adams, and a North Carolina financial planner, Ronnie Peoples in an attempt to recuperate some of his money. His reps told the press that the player accuses them of misappropriating $5.5 million. 

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