How Addictive Is The iOS Draw Something App?

Do you remember when Angry Birds first started to become popular? How the comments and reviews were pouring? A statement such as “even your grandmother is playing Angry Birds” was in fact very real as the game proved to be extremely addictive. Now, as a new app is rising to be the new addiction of iOS and Android users, the only question remains exactly how addictive is the Draw Something app?

Just like Words with Friend, Tiny Tower and Angry Birds took our smartphones, tablets and desktops by surprise, every now and then a lucky developer brings us a new craze. An app that becomes so addictive, players lose track of the time spent playing it. Draw Something is fast becoming the sort of app that will even get your grandmother thrilled to play it.

It’s not exactly easy to explain how an app becomes addictive, or what are the factors that will ensure success. The truth remains that Draw Something got more than 25 million downloads, only two months after its release. Some sources even say the download number has reached 30 million.

The app comes from the creator behind Cupcake corner and Puppy World, games meant to involve the player as much as possible. However, taking care of virtual puppies and baking online cupcakes weren’t enough to convince the players. OMGPop’s latest creation, Draw Something, managed it.

As Dan Porter, chief executive of OMGPop, states, Draw Something “was a crazy out-of-the-box success” that came after the company’s games didn’t get any traction for so much time. What this app managed to do is to get people play it even if they’re not the everyday gamer.

Facebook had a lot to do with it, but iOS and Android versions made it famous. Now, everybody is playing it, whether it is the free add supported version or the 99 cents paid one. So, what’s with the Draw Something app that gets people so thrilled using it?

Basically, at a first glance, Draw Something looks like a kinder garden game: no leader board, no score and you have to buy colors. But once you get into it, the whole app simply draws you in. Dan Porter explained the reason behind Draw Something’s success is that it is “a social communications app masquerading as a game”.

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  1. This game is addictive, however there has been multiple times where the person trying to guess my picture gets letters missing that are needed in order to guess the correct drawing it’s so aggravating

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