“Housewives” Jacqueline Laurita Doesn’t Want To Be Around Teresa Giudice Anymore

Jacqueline Laurita who is known from “Real Housewives of New Jersey” announced on Wednesday that she no longer wants to be around her co-star Teresa Giudice. According to Us Weekly, the reality TV star realized that Giudice was only using her.

Laurita and Giudice used to be close friends, but the relationship between the two might come to an end as Jacqueline no longer wants to spend time with Teresa. There are many reasons which determined Laurita to end their friendship, but Teresa’s recent family feud with Joe Gorga was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The recent conflict made Jacqueline realize that Teresa is not a true friend. She told reporters that Giudice is a hypocrite and she rarely tells the truth. Moreover, the 40-year-old star can’t stand to get criticized because every time Laurita gave her an honest opinion, she would get angry. The latest conflict between the two took place when Laurita told Giudice she can no longer take her brother to therapy this Sunday. Teresa got really upset as if Jacqueline was obliged to take care of her problems.

Given the recent discussions between the two, Laurita understood that she doesn’t want the mother of four to be a part of her life. Giudice was only using her to get things done for her and never did something in return for anyone. “She was never there for me,” was the 42-year-old star’s conclusion.

Speaking about Giudice’s feud with her family, Laurita doubts that the conflict will ever end. She blames Teresa’s subjectivity for this because the latter is not willing to change her behavior. In Jacqueline’s opinion, you cannot solve a problem unless you agree to “look into yourself” and see what might have caused the issue. It means one of the two parties is not open to resolution.

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  1. Theresa u r the only one to blame for all the lying, deceiving & bullying. You have betrayed both your friends & family. You r the one who needs to own up & take blame for all your bull petty childish nonsense. Jacqueline is a one of a kind friend that stuck bye u even when u didn’t deserve it, I wish all my friends could be like her. My advice to Theresa is GROW UP & my advice to bravo is get Theresa & Joe off the show, they r poison to the families. Thumbs up to the rest of u !

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