Host Kevin Hart Says VMA 2012 Will Be A Big Deal

Thursday’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are among the most exciting events of the year. However, host Kevin Hart says VMA 2012 will be a big deal, bigger than any other year before.

Comedian Kevin Hart has prepared a lot of “unexpected” and unusual surprises for Thursday’s VMA 2012. From the looks of it, VMA 2012 producers are really trying to make this year’s event memorable. And from what host Kevin Hart says, this year the VMA 2012 are going to be a big deal.

Thursday’s night is going to bring a big show. From what host Kevin Hart announced Rihanna will be open the night’s festivities with two performances. One is a collaboration with A$AP Rocky and the other with Thursday’s night designated DJ, Calvin Harris. Nicki Minaj will also hit the stage, while 2 Chainz is preparing for his VMA debut.

“This is gonna be a big deal, let’s just go out and say it people” VMA host Kevin Hart told reporters at a press conference this Tuesday. “This year will be a big deal. Why? Because I say it’s gonna be a big deal. How do I know? Because I’m a part of this. Being I’m a part of it, means that it’s gonna be colossal! Huge!”

Well comedian Kevin Hart is obviously insanely thrilled about Thursday’s VMA event. From what he told reporters he’s got a lot of reasons to be so excited. “Green Day” said Hart is the most excited to see. “I had the pleasure of meeting Green Day and I wasn’t educated on their music or what they’ve done and after talking to them I went and Googled some of their music and I liked it!” confessed Hart.

“Yes, people! I’m a young black man that likes Green Day! You heard it here” said the VMA 2012’s host.

And that’s not all. Hart promised this year’s VMA won’t see any embarrassing moments. “What we did was banned the artists that we feel are capable of doing such a thing. Lil Mama is not allowed in the building” joked the comedian.

And apparently there were seat belts installed for Kanye West. Hart says these are “little things…that they didn’t think to do last year…I don’t think we’re going to have any incidents”.

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