Honda Civic

Will be postponed at least until 2011 the planned redesign of the Honda Civic, which therefore does not come with the classic every five years that would bring the new version of the compact in dealerships starting this fall. The reason for the postponement are changing market conditions and new regulations on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The Japanese company has thus preferred to wait another few months before putting his hand to the Civic that in the current version, he made his debut in September 2005.
“Actually we are not changing our course – said John Mendel, senior vice president of Honda Motor America – Modified cars when needed and the ability to operate on the basis of latest information is more important than respecting the established times. In this way you can make changes based on actual market changes. “

As announced last Tokyo Motor Show by the chief operating officer of Honda Motor, Tsuneo Tanai, the new Civic was initially supposed to be larger than the current model, but later it was decided to keep the size of the new car more like those of ‘ car currently on the market. Worldwide, the Honda Civic sells about 1 million models a year.

Unlike the Honda CR-V crossover, based precisely on the Civic, will follow the roadmap. Presented in 2006 also will redesign its place by next year, thereby maintaining the normal pace for five years.

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