Home Where Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Lived Is For Sale

If there are still some among you hoping Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be Robsten again, here’s proof that might not actually happen. The Los Angeles home where Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lived together is now for sale.

According to Us Weekly, Robert Pattinson is ready to start over. It looks like when he told Jimmy Kimmel he was homeless, it was more than a joke. The star of the “Twilight” saga decided to sell the home he shared with Kristen Stewart because “there are too many memories”.

It’s been about a month since the Kristen Stewart – Rupert Sanders cheating scandal hit the media. It was obviously a hard time for everyone involved, but while Kristen Stewart kept out of the media’s sight, Robert Pattinson on the other hand had to go out and promote his new film “Cosmopolis”. It goes without saying everybody wanted to hear about his broken heart, but the actor kept mum.

Now, reports read say that Robert Pattinson is selling the posh Los Feliz home he shared with Kristen Stewart for one year. The property is worth $6.3 million and was once owned by Noah Wylie, star of ER. The real estate is “on an acre and a half of land and has a 150-person screening room and amazing gardens”.

Since Kristen Stewart cheated with director Rupert Sanders, the Los Angeles home has been deserted. Sources say the home simply carries too many memories and that’s why Robert Pattinson is selling.

Sources say that Robert Pattinson still loves Kristen Stewart but is having a hard time trying to figure out why she cheated. “Rob doesn’t hate her and he’s not mad…He just doesn’t get why she did it. He loves her and thinks about her constantly” one insider said. In fact, the whole reason he went out to promote “Cosmopolis” was to get the media out of Kristen Stewart’s hair.

New reports say that Robert Pattinson has even agreed to meet with Kristen Stewart face to face. “She begged to meet face-to-face so they could talk” a source told LOOK. “It was obvious Kristen was getting through to Rob and he has agreed to see her” the insider added.

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