Hollywood Costars Reunited Through the Years

There is nothing like a reunion! Stars from television and film are always getting together in Hollywood for whatever reason, whether on red carpets or to discuss a new project.

Jennifer Garner reunited with Mark Ruffalo as her love lover for 13 Going On 30 and the opportunity to work on a film with her co-star added a whole new dimension to the experience.

“It was wonderful,” Garner told Good Morning America in March about filming The Adam Project with Ruffalo. “We played a couple that was married, and we had an instant feeling of comfort and evidently there’s the connection and the warmness. It was a truly wonderful experience to revisit that connection.”

In the meantime, the Friends cast reunited to celebrate one final public event of their hit show and it was a nostalgic event.

“It was a sucker punch in the heart in a way,” Jennifer Aniston revealed on SiriusXM’s Gayle King in the House shortly following the Friends special premiered in May 2021 on HBO Max in May 2021. “It was for us all I believe. It was even Courteney [Cox] who we got tears from.”

The cast, who later on in the show’s special said they will not be appearing on the show ever again were able to tour their old sets. It brought an extra touch of nostalgia to the journey through the past.

“We romanticized it, but you also have to remember we haven’t been there [since the series finale],” Aniston stated when she was in that moment. “And this was a specific moment in which we had to say goodbye to something we didn’t want, we were deeply attached to and we knew it was time to end the show. Our lives were on the horizon for us. Our future was in front of us.”

The Morning Show star added: “It was like it was stopped and we moved. There’s a lot of good in that but there’s also heartbreak.”

For Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder the two of them have turned their reunion from their stint in The Vampire Diaries into a business venture that allowed them to continue working together for a second time.

“The reality is we would finish shooting and we’d go to the bar or we’d go to our homes or whatever, but we’d always kick back and have a bourbon, so we developed this love for bourbon,” Wesley said to Entertainment Weekly in April 2021 about the possibility of launching the whiskey brand based on the fictional characters’ affection for the beverage.

Wesley added: “So we fell in over the show. When the show came to an end, we got some time to created this show. We’re extremely happy with it.”

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