Hollywood celebrities will not keep breast implants for life

Food and Drug Administration says that the breast implants are not to keep for a lifetime. So the plastic surgeons of the Hollywood celebrities will have much work for the future.

Reuters reports that FDA is working on revising the safety labels for the silicone breast implants. This happens as a result of the data received from the long-term studies which also showed a link between the products and a rare form of cancer. “The key point is that breast implants are not lifetime devices,” stated Jeff Shuren, who is the director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. He also said that the longer a woman has her implants, the more prone she is to a number of complications.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the United States announced that there were almost 400,000 breast enlargement or reconstruction procedures in the country in 2010. Some were with saline implants, some with silicone implants. The studies showed that 70% of the women who needed the breast surgery to deal with a physical trauma and 40% of those who just wanted breast enlargements had to come back within the period of 10 years for a new intervention.

According to the FDA reports, the most common complications were localized: hardening of the breast area around the implant, rupture or deflation of the implant, and the need for some additional operations. Other unwanted effects include the wrinkling of the implant, asymmetry, too visible scaring, pain and soreness (more than usual), redness and infection around the incision.

This means that a huge number of celebrities will change their breast implants within this decade. Among the thousands of beauties that made use of silicone in order to complete de diva image, there are
• LeAnn Rimes – she added a pair of small breast implants to her petite figure
• Sophia Bush – the One Tree Hill star has also chosen small implants and they are said to be the best small breast implants ever.
• Courtney Cox – she made some small but significant change to her silhouette, adding cup B implants instead of her original cup A.

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