Hoda Kotb To Replace Ann Curry on “Today”

Daily Mail announced on Tuesday that NBC is already considering several candidates for the replacement of Ann Curry on the “Today” show. Hoda Kotb is the first choice they have considered so far because her style seems more appropriate for the morning broadcast.

Despite fans’ attempt to prevent Ann Curry from getting replaced, new rumors have surfaced about the anchorwoman that could take her place. Rumor has it that NBC would like to start collaborating with Hoda Kotb because she is better prepared for the show, but there are other options, as well.

The news hasn’t been confirmed, yet, but close sources claim that NBC considers Kotb to be the perfect choice for “Today”. The anchorwoman is funny enough to keep the viewers entertained and is, nevertheless, endowed with sufficient journalistic background to perfectly accomplish her duties. In addition, Kotb will get along very well with Matt Lauer who is famous for his goofy behavior.

Ann Curry is currently negotiating her departure through her legal representatives, so she didn’t release any statement in relation to the rumor. For those who are not familiar with the subject, Ann Curry has been the co-anchor of the “Today Show” for more than a year. She was dismissed from her position because the ratings of the show have dropped significantly since her arrival.

Many speculations have also been made about a possible misunderstanding between Curry and her colleague, Matt Lauer. According to them, the two TV hosts are very different from one another and this has prevented them from working well together.

Although figures point to the fact that Ann Curry is responsible for the ratings decrease, fans were devastated when they first heard that the anchorwoman was going to be replaced. They even started an online petition to convince NBC to bring her back on the “Today Show”. NBC’s decision will be communicated when negotiations are over, but there are many chances for Curry to continue working for them on another position.

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  1. Hoda? No way. Today has always been a news program. It has gone soft over time and Hoda coming in is ridulous!
    My vote is Savannah. She is smart, funny and will do a super job.

  2. Hoda can be very serious. I remember she had a show on health topics which aired on Saturday mornings on NBC. I think if she were to take over the first two hour segment she would surprise people. NBC knows she is more than capable.

    About Ann….she has done a superb job. I say get rid of Matt!

  3. I’m glad they are getting rid of Ann. I didn’t mind her so much when she was at the news desk but she is just not suited to the anchor position. She comes across as very disingenuous and is over the top and too gushy with her compliments to any celebrity she interviews. She is also so needy and is constantly making self deprecating comments in hopes of receiving a compliment from Matt or Al Roker.

    I have to say though that I am very impressed with her poise this week on camera even though she has already been or is soon to be fired.

    I think Hoda would be great, I’ve always liked her as a journalist but Kathie Lee has brought her way down. IMO it’s a waste of her talent to have her on with Kathie Lee.

  4. Fire Ann!! She’s HORRIBLE!! Hoda would be perfect!! A lot of people are not aware of her serious news side. She has worked on the serious side of news for years and would be PERFECT for the job!!! GO HODA!!!!

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