Hoax Sandy Photos Send Internet Users Into A Rage

Internet users were sent into a rage after several hoax photos illustrating destroyed city parts appeared online. While some images are too exaggerated to be true, some others confused and even terrified people because they looked authentic, Fox News relates.

Tired of hearing dramatic stories about hurricane Sandy, New York residents have resorted to the most famous coping mechanism, that is, mockery. Social networks abounded in hoax photos about hurricane Sandy causing some people to frown, others to smile.

The majority of the fake images were inspired by blockbuster movies, such as, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Ghostbusters” and even “Godzilla”. Some images illustrating impossible situations were easily labeled as fake, but others appeared to be true and online users got into frenzy when they discovered they weren’t actually real.  

Photos of Godzilla emerging out of the uneasy waters surrounding New York City, as well as images illustrating sky-high waves flooding the streets of the cities were often criticized by Internet users. The majority of them were offended by the humorous tone of the pictures, given that the super storm has caused many damages so far. However, they were even more disturbed by those who have shared old photos from previous natural disasters and claimed they were updating their accounts with Sandy images.

An Instagram pic of menacing clouds above New York City went viral a few hours later because it was accompanied by the caption “Hurricane Sandy approaching New York”. As reporters found out, the image was taken last year, during a tornado warning. Some journalists were tricked into believing that the images were real and they, thus, contributed to their popularity. Such was the case of Marta Evry’s photo showcasing three soldiers as they defend the monument of the Unknown Soldier. The photo was listed as a description of the hurricane and many people shared it on their Facebook accounts.

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