Hitchcock Movie Release Date Set For November 23, 2012

With already plenty of movies on the race for the Oscar, Fox Searchlight launches another hit that could change the list of nominees. The “Hitchcock” movie release date has been set for November 23, 2012 and it’s going to blow our minds.

Following years of absence, the one considered by many the best filmmaker of the 20th century, Alfred Hitchcock has a new movie. “Hitchcock” is a dramatization of the relationship between the world famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his wife, Alma Reville, during the making of his “Psycho”, back in the 1960’s.

The film which was initially set to be released in 2013 will appear sooner. In fact, “Hitchcock” the movie will hit theatres November 23, 2012, just ready for the next Academy award. And a lot of people are saying it’s going to be a masterpiece. Even if Hitchcock never got to put his hands on the Oscar, he got plenty of nominations and this year’s movie seems to have what it needs.

The movie has an impressive cast. The kind of cast that brings countless Oscars. Anthony Hopkins is playing as Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as Alma. But wait, the formidable assembly of Oscar winners and nominees continues. James D’Arcy, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel portray “Psycho” stars Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, respectively. Michael Stuhlbarg is super-agent Lew Wasserman and karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio will play famous screenwriter Joe Stefano.

And another thing that may bring Hitchcock an Oscar is the actual idea of the biopic. It looks like the Academy really likes these ideas considering that silver-screen actress Marilyn Monroe never got nominated for an award but just last year Michelle Williams earned a Best Actress bid for playing her in “My Week with Marilyn”.

Sure, it’s still too early to speak about these things, considering the film didn’t even see the screen yet. Let’s hope that this “Hitchcock” will have more luck this year at the Academy Awards than the years before. Also, if you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s work, don’t forget to stay on sharp for this year’s launch of 15 of the director’s films that are soon to be released on Blu-Ray for the first time as part of a special set.

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