Hip-Hop mogul James Rosemond faces drug charges

The fugitive hip-hop mogul, who was recently linked to the assassination of Tupac Shakur, was arrested on Tuesday on drug charges. He was discovered in his hiding, a popular Manhattan hotel, Associated Press reports.

Apparently Michael Rosemond doesn’t benefit from a lot of imagination or strategy as he was caught in one of the most popular and crowded places in the U.S.: New York city.  He was arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and the deputy U.S. Marshals on the accusation that he was running a lucrative traffic-ring which smuggled huge amounts of drugs ( cocaine) in the New York City.

According to the authorities, Michael Rosemond, who is 46 years old, was caught at the W New York in Union Square, where he was booked under a false name. Rosemond’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, says that all this is a set-up and that his client is innocent. He states that the accusations are a result of several witnesses who “have been bribed and threatened by the government to implicate Jimmy in the crimes charged”. He then adds: “It’s been a long time coming, but the government wants a fight so we’ll give them one.”

Last week, the hip-hop mogul was linked to the death of rapper Tupac Shakur, who was shot to death in the mid ‘90s. Dexter Isaac, an inmate who is serving a life sentence, declared that he received 2,500 dollars from Rosemond to “shoot to kill” Tupac. The article appeared on AllHipHop.com and clearly stated that Rosemond orchestrated the ambush over the legendary rapper. Even though he did not die after the attack he was killed two years later in Las Vegas.

Lichtman denies the accusations of murder as well.

The complaint that led to the accusations said Rosemond tried to avoid his detection by using a system that avoided using overnight delivery services. The agents detected a conversation of his in which he fretted about being under close watch by the authorities:” I can’t be online no more. I don’t even have a phone with me. I’m going from phone booth to phone booth.”  Meanwhile, his crew stashed the cocaine in road cases and then sent them to music studios located in New York.

Along the years, Rosemond has been behind many notorious names in the music industry, from Salt’n’Pepa to The Game, to Sean Kingston, according to his company’s website.

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