Hines Ward’s Retirement Not So Bad News For Some

It’s not an often occurrence that NFL players start shedding tears in front of reporters and several cameras to record the moment. This Tuesday, high ranking Hines Ward announced he opted for retirement. Age 36, Hines Ward is one of the best receivers Pittsburgh ever had. But, Hines Ward’s retirement did not come as bad news for some.

Hines Ward’s legacy is impressive. He has a track history in the game that any player desires. From receiving record to receptions, yards and touchdowns, Hines Ward ranks eight all time, has two Super Bowl rings, and there is just one other player besides him with at least 1,000 receptions.

Ward told reporters on Tuesday: “Today I am officially retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don’t want to play in any other uniform”.

The Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver has been released by the team about three weeks ago. Wide explained he didn’t have a problem with him being released by the Steelers, and even embraced the team’s owner Art Rooney after he announced he was retiring.

“I can say I’m a Steeler for life and that’s the bottom line, that’s all I’ve really ever wanted” Ward added. In the end, all players understand that football is a business and from one point forward, the team has to reassess its players and keep the most promising ones. Plus, at 36 years old, Hines Ward is quite an accomplished football player.

But Ward’s retirement wasn’t exactly bad news for some. He was one of the most aggressive and even violent player, and some might even argue Ward wasn’t exactly the perfect team player. In fact, it was quite often that linebackers and defensive backs would complain about him.

Safety Chris Crocker of the Bengals said Hines Ward was a dirty player. “He’s probably the first receiver to make blocking such a big part of his game; he was an all-around receiver”. But his perseverance made him a “dirty player” with “a lot of plays”. As Crocker explains, Steelers “used him perfectly to suit his abilities and he was a big-time player for them”.

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