Hilary Duff Tried Tinder Dating Service

Hilary Duff is a single lady and it seems that the star is ready for dating. The beautiful actress admitted during a recent interview that she has actually been using online dating app, Tinder, looking for romance. The famous actress recently confirmed that her Tinder account is real and revealed the reason why she decided to use this service. 

“In my life I’ve always had really serious boyfriends, I’ve always met people through work, and I’ve never been on a blind date,” the talented actress explained during an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacreast. The star went on to reveal what type of man she is willing to find on Tinder. 

“I think the first thing is obviously looks, which sounds super vain, but that is what you go for,” Hilary claimed. “What they say in their little profile, it has to be funny.” Well, if the star revealed what she would like to find, she also offered a hint on the type of guy she would never date. “I don’t want to see a shirtless mirror selfie. That’s instantly a left,” Hilary explained. 

Hilary Duff claimed that using the dating site may not be a bad idea, claiming that she has already talked to no less than nine men. She also claimed that she went on a group blind date with a guy named Tom. The star revealed that she and this guy went bowling and the whole experience was quite nice, although she revealed that she has no idea if they will go on a second date or not, claiming that it is yet to see how things will evolve. 

The actress also claimed that she had no idea if the guys she had talked to really know who she is or they have no clue. “I think some people know. You only have your first name. Some people don’t know,” the actress said. “I think some people act like they don’t know but they do. And a lot of people are like, ‘This is a joke, right?’ ” Well, it surely seems that Hilary is having a good time and maybe the star will turn out meeting her soulmate.  

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