Highlights Of Tim Tebow’s Press Conference

Reuters reports the main highlights of Tim Tebow’s much-awaited press conference with the Jets. The event was held on Monday afternoon shortly after the backup quarterback landed in New York. The football player was welcomed like a movie star as there were more than 100 reporters, photographers and TV crews waiting for him at the Jets’ training facility.

Judging by the large presence of fans at the Monday press conference, it looks like Tebow is one of the favorite football players at the moment. The backup quarterback has agreed to sign a contract with the Jets; thus, parting ways with his former team, the Denver Broncos.

Tebow told reporters that he is very excited to start his training sessions with the New York team and added that it is an honor for him to be able to play for the Jets. When it comes to his faith, Tim admitted that he likes to freely express his religious beliefs both inside and outside the field. However, the former Broncos’ quarterback is convinced that his popularity was not determined by the gestures he makes on the field. In fact, he claims there have been other players who have prayed on the field before him, so the gesture shouldn’t have been called ‘Tebowing’.

Tebow is, nevertheless, aware that part of his popularity is due to his faith, but he is not bothered by the fact that people are talking about his religion. On the contrary, he thinks it’s “pretty cool”.

When asked if he felt pressure coming to play for the Jets, Tebow replied that he was not nervous at all. The football player even confessed that he gets better results when he plans to achieve more goals. Tim Tebow accepted the Jets’ offer because he gets along very well with coach Rex Ryan and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

In the end, the backup quarterback for the New York team reminded everyone that charitable work is more important than any other achievements he might have on the field. The football player is busy setting up the Tim Tebow Foundation in Alabama and building a new hospital in Philippines.

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