Highlights of the South Carolina debate

According to a recent report published by the Associated Press, the South Carolina debate was held on Monday night, giving front-runner Romney the chance to fend off attacks. The pressure grew very strong during the debate, but the Republican managed to defend his record as a venture capitalist, he denied any relations with attack ads aired by his allies and he even promised to release his income tax returns this spring.

Despite his rivals’ desperate attempts to prevent Romney from winning the South Carolina caucus, the Republican continues to be the favorite participant of most American electors. Not only did he win the first two caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire, but he also leads the pre-primary polls in South Carolina. Moreover, Romney also won an endorsement from campaign dropout Jon Huntsman earlier in the day.

Although he hates to admit it, Gingrich was forced to concede that a victory for Romney in South Carolina would make the latter the main rival of President Barack Obama in the fall. The rest of the participants did not challenge Gingrich’s conclusion.

Gingrich was the first to attack Romney about his income tax. The former U.S. House of Representatives insisted on convincing Romney to reveal all the necessary details that people need to know about his income. The winner of the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses stated that he is more than happy to give up the income tax but he will most likely do it next year.

Santorum was not interested in the tax debate; he was more concerned with the recent negative ads that some of Romney’s supporters have released against him. Romney, on the other hand, said he hoped no group would run inaccurate ads.

Huntsman was the second Republican to drop out of the political race, thus, endorsing Romney. The first was former Minnesota Gov. Tom Pawlenty who also showed support for the winner of the first two caucuses. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain quit the race in January and December, respectively, but they did not communicate any endorsements yet.

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