Highlights Of The GOP Presidential Debate – The Bridge To Nowhere

The current Republican presidential race is still far from coming to an end, particularly since Mitt Romney is having difficulties in winning an early nomination. Rick Santorum rose over the past few weeks as his main contra-candidate and the latest GOP presidential debate brought forward a dirty duel. These are highlights of the Arizona debate, including ‘the bridge to nowhere remarque”.

Keeping track off the current Republican presidential race, with all its visibility in the media, has become a challenge for most. Front-runners shift rapidly and acid remarques are often the highlights of the GOP debates. In fact, to tell the truth, these debates are almost as entertaining as reality shows, as each candidate works hard to prove himself for support.

The latest GOP presidential debate took place in Arizona, and Mitt Romney finally got a chance to show Rick Santorum why he’s been a favorite for so many months. If the former Massachusetts keeps going at it, he’ll eventually prove that Rick Santorum’s recent popularity surge is just a lucky break.

But, returning to the matter at hand, the Mesa, Arizona debate brought us the beginning of a dirty duel between Santorum and Romney, which to be fair it will likely be even more eye-catching than the Newt Gingrich – Mitt Romney pair. This is partly because Santorum’s surge as front-runner has surely come as a big surprise for Romney, at a time when he was confident he will finally get the early nomination.

Secondly, the ongoing duel has visibly bothered Romney to the extent that he slashed out at Santorum forgetting about his cool, superior attitude that got him through Newt Gingrich’s allegations and all the other attacks he’s been submitted to during the other debates.

And finally we reached the hairy ‘bridge to nowhere’. Romney told Santorum: “While I was fighting to save the Olympics, you were fighting to save the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’”. Perhaps it was just a way to remember Santorum his place, but Romney’s remarque fueled attacks from the other candidates as well.

Ron Paul kind of called Santorum “a fake”, as he expressed support for a campaign that claimed the senator was claiming to be a fiscal conservative, when hard evidence showed the truth is actually different.

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