Highlights Of The Cruise-Holmes Divorce Settlement

Katie Holmes’ plans have worked. The actress has reached a settlement with her former husband, Tom Cruise after announcing her intentions to get a divorce two weeks ago. Judging by her reps’ declarations, Holmes obtained everything she requested from Cruise, says Hollywood Life.

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, have agreed to keep the details of their settlement private. Despite this, the statement released by her legal representatives hinted to the fact that Katie Holmes has obtained the sole custody of her daughter, Suri.

According to the settlement, Katie Holmes is free to live with her daughter in New York. Tom Cruise will be able to visit his girl, but he will be supervised throughout the whole time, so he would not expose his 6-year-old daughter to Scientology-related discussion. Both Holmes and Suri will no longer be controlled by the members of the said cult, based on the signed settlement.

The 33-year-old actress released a statement saying that she and her former husband will continue to remain friends in order to raise their child. The actors agreed to respect each other and to do whatever is best for Suri’s interest, Holmes further stated. Although she did not mention anything about her custody requests, experts explained that the actress obtained the sole custody of the girl; if it hadn’t been so, the settlement would have said that the actors have “sharing custody”.

Tom Cruise’s reps told the press that the “Mission: Impossible” star was satisfied with the provisions of the settlement. The actor, who is known for his brief divorces, didn’t want this case to go to court, either, so he signed the settlement. Nevertheless, divorce attorneys don’t rule out the possibility of court disputes if one of the parties doesn’t observe the agreement.

Katie’s attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, confirmed the news that the settlement was finally signed. He wished his client good-luck as she prepares to start a new chapter of her life.


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