Highlights of BlackBerry 10 Launching Event

The new BlackBerry 10 smartphone was officially launched on Wednesday during a special event in New York. The Canadian company surprised its customers with great news, such as, the introduction of two new devices and the decision to officially change its name from Research in Motion Ltd to BlackBerry, Reuters reports.

Research in Motion, the Canadian telecommunication company, gained international acknowledgement when they decided to produce an email pager called BlackBerry in 1999. The email pager was followed by the smartphone in 2010 which became President Barack Obama’s favorite device. Since the company’s name was less popular than the name of the phone, RIM has decided that changing their name into BlackBerry would be the wisest thing to do.

The decision was quickly embraced by all shareholders and customers alike as it will be much easier for them to refer to the company. Chief marketing officer Frank Boulben told reporters that they want employees, customers and shareholders to use only one word – BlackBerry – when referring to them. The change of name represents, in fact, the transition from a “house of brands” to a “branded house”.

After this initial declaration, the company’s representatives moved on to the presentation of the BlackBerry 10 devices. The smartphones have a difficult mission, that is, to compete against the highly-popular devices available on the market that use Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. The challenge is all the more difficult considering that BlackBerrys have lost great part of their territory to competitors.

The new devices have been improved with numerous features, smart cameras and an incredibly fast browser. Moreover, the new phones have been provided with many entertaining services, such as, Skype and Angry Birds. Users, who like to read books, will be very pleased with the application library that was included on the smartphones.

There are two products that will be commercialized starting on Thursday, one device featuring the “qwerty” keyboard that has become RIM’s trademark and a touchscreen smartphone that looks very much like the phones released by competitors. Britain is the first company to start selling the smartphone, but it will be soon followed by other carriers. Carriers in the United States of America will have the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen device in March. The touchscreen smartphone will cost $199 for a two-year contract.


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