Highest Paid Celebrity Couple In The World: Beyonce And Jay-Z

According to Forbes the highest paid celebrity couple in the world is Beyonce and Jay-Z. Not like we needed any other confirmation than Beyonce and Jay-Z rule the world of celebrities.

There’s yet a couple that fits the label “music moguls” more popular than Beyonce and Jay-Z. Even if for 2011, they’ve been outpaced by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and wife supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce and Jay-Z are back to top Forbes list of the highest paid celebrity couples in the world.

Last year, Beyonce and Jay-Z came in second in Forbes’ world’s highest paid celebrity couples list. But it was only because the two music moguls had a lot to handle in their private lives. Beyonce took a lot of time off so she could give birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter, putting her wildly busy touring schedule on pause for a while.

Since Blue Ivy Carter was born, it became clear Beyonce and Jay-Z are the queen and king of the music industry. They really rank as leaders in the Forbes highest paid celebrity couples list. Jay-Z and Beyonce had an annual income that almost pushed the $80 million mark.

Beyonce reported total earnings for the period between May 1, 2011 and May 1, 2012 of $40 million. Sure it was mostly her fourth album that brought most of that whooping revenue, as “4” went platinum in the United States. But Beyonce was one busy new mama with all her endorsement deals and ventures away from the musical world.

The other half of the highest paid celebrity couple in the world, Jay-Z was a busy man too. He is literally the king of hip hop today and a brilliant business man. “Watch the Throne”, the musical produced with Kanye West brought millions in Jay-Z’s bank accounts. His investments in ad firm Translation and Carol’s Daughter, a cosmetics company, also proved to be inspired. The hip hop megastar earned $38 million in one year.

From the looks of it, Beyonce and Jay-Z will top Forbes’ highest paid celebrity couples list next year too. Reports say that Beyonce is currently working on a new album, the first since Blue Ivy Carter was born. Obviously the touring and endorsement deals will easily boost that $40 million she made in the past 12 months.

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