High-end Apple Watch Raises Controversy

Apple fans are definitely anxious to discover every new release made by the famous company. The tech giant recently released the Apple Watch, which actually was one of the most expected products of the company in a while. Rumors on the release of this brand new product were on for months, while the Apple Watch actually is the first all-new product that Apple released since the death of its co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs. 

Well, the Apple Watch definitely managed to shock with its $10,000 high-end model. The Apple Watch Special Edition is an 18k gold watch that starts at the price of $10,000. Without a doubt, not everyone can afford to buy this model, but this does not mean that it isn’t an impressive purchase for the category of customers who could possess the new watch. Still, critics claim that even for those who can afford to easily buy this device, it is a bad investment. 

One of the simplest ways to sustain that is the fact that only in a few years, the software on this device will be obsolete. Most likely, Apple will update its Watches lineup next year, so this device will actually soon be old. This is why many analysts seem to doubt that this luxury edition watch will be successful. Some claim that Apple put its bet on the impressive design of the new watch, which can attract many customers. However, everyone expects for Apple’s continuous improvements in technology to also bring, at some point, changes in design. This means that the watch will surely become thinner, more attractive and more elegant, in the following years. 

Overall, the Apple Watch is expected to be a success, but it is yet to see how the market will receive this device. It already managed to create a series of debates regarding its specs and improvements compared to other products existent on the market. One of the most debated such features is the battery life on the new product. The Apple Watch is said to have a battery rated for 18 hours. This means that users will most definitely have to charge the device each day. 

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