Here’s How to Take Care of Your iPhone

Even if your current iPhone is the best you ever had, chances are you are going to dump it for the next best thing Apple rolls out. Oftentimes finding the money for the next best thing might be more difficult than imagined so selling your iPhone is a great idea to begin with. But to make sure you are getting a good price for it, you have to keep your iPhone in good condition.

Aesthetics are very important when it comes to iPhone. A case should definitely be the next thing you purchase after your iPhone. Prices vary from low-cost to premium, but so does the protection level, so you’d be better off investing in a quality case, that you know is going to keep your iPhone protected against scratches, liquid spills, dirt and drops. The good news is that there are so many types of iPhone cases available in the market today you are definitely going to find the right model in no time. iPhone 5 cases are all the rage right now, particularly those designed by BoostCase, Newer Technology, Tech21, G-Form, Case Scenario and Otterbox.

It might not look that sleek, but applying a screen protector is the best way to avoid damage to your smartphone’s screen. There are several screen protectors available for iPhone, but the ZAGG shield is one of the best and most affordable, particularly since you should change it every 2 or 3 months.

If you are really planning to resell your iPhone then you should definitely invest in a cleaning kit. Turn your iPhone off, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and a cleaning solution that’s safe to use on gadgets, such as Brasso or Monkey Spunk. Spray out with a compressed Air Can for electronics all your iPhone’s ports. The last step is re-applying the screen protector, the case and then turning your device on.

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