Heidi Klum, Seal to file for divorce

TMZ announced on Saturday that the famous Victoria Secret angel, Heidi Klum and her husband, Seal, will file for divorce. The divorce papers will be presented in L.A. County Superior Court, next week. According to close sources, the fashion model will cite “irreconcilable differences” as the main reason of her divorce.

It’s a sad announcement for people who were admiring the 7-year couple. Heidi and Seal were often praised for their strong and beautiful relationship. The two tied the knot in May 2005 and they know have three biological children. Moreover, Seal adopted Heidi’s eldest girl from a prior relationship.

Reporters were not able to find out the real reason of their separation. Like most celebrities who file for divorce, Heidi declared that she and her husband have irreconcilable differences, but the press is not satisfied with this declaration. After all, the couple used to throw lavish parties every year on their anniversary in order to renew their vows.

The separation is all the more difficult given that the 38-year-old model and business woman was one of the best paid celebrities last year. Based on a recent report published by Forbes in 2011, Klum earned $20 million thanks to her fashion and TV appearances. Seal’s wealth remains unknown, but we figure his 2011 budget is not that bad either.

Despite the serene mask they often evinced on their public appearances, the couple had been confronting with family issues for a while. The last photo that the model tweeted with her husband was on December 26. In fact, the 38-year-old Victoria Secret star showed up alone at the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday.

Fans still think that Klum and Seal will manage to get over this rough period, but TMZ reporters have reasons to believe the opposite. During an October 2011 interview, journalists asked Klum what was the key to a happy marriage, but she didn’t reply. Reporters now speculate that the couple might have tried anything to avoid a breakup, but in the end had to resort to a divorce.

The couple’s rep commented on the news saying that no final decision has been made yet. Heidi and Seal are going through a rough period of time during which they either fight or they are madly in love. However, they both realize they have to find the best solution for the sake of their children.

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  1. Ultimately what makes this Hollywood break up fascinating is how a well regarded pair have been unable to see their relationship through despite their great wealth, status (him a hawt bixch, her a hawter hawt bixch) and generally well liked demeanors which points to the scary idea that one no longer has to be uber fabulous to sustain a healthy relationship even if the illusion is often otherwise courtesy of most Western society’s heightened adulation of status, celebrity, trinkets and fully refundable wet dreams.

    Aren’t you happy you’re uber fabulous and not going through your own uber break up…unless of course you are.

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