Heidi Klum-Seal Conflict Gets Bigger After Bodyguard Comments

The conflict between Heidi Klum and her former husband, Seal, is getting bigger in the aftermath of his uninspired comments about bodyguard Martin Kristen. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel declared that she and the singer are making great efforts to keep relationships diplomatic for the sake of their four children, says Us Weekly.

“Kiss From A Rose” interpreter, Seal, gave birth to many divorce-related suppositions when he declared in an interview that his wife is having an affair with her bodyguard Martin Kristen. Try as he might, the declaration could not be changed or erased from the media and now the relationship between Seal and his ex-wife has worsened.

Seal indirectly admonished his wife in a recent interview for not having the decency to wait until the divorce is pronounced before “fornicating with the help”. Klum immediately responded to his comments stating that she was once again disappointed by Seal’s behavior. She confessed that she wasn’t expecting her former husband to make false accusations about the mother of his children. The singer’s reps tried to mend the situation by declaring that Seal did not mean to infer his ex-wife was cheating on him.

Too late, the harm has already been done according to Heidi’s declarations. She told Katie Couric in a recent interview that she is making great efforts to keep her relationship with Seal civilized. She no longer considers him her best friend, given the things he said about her. However, they continue to speak to each other every time they meet because they don’t want their children to see them arguing.

Forgiving Seal is “a work in progress”, according to the famous model. The fact that the media is constantly watching them makes the situation a lot more difficult to cope with. Klum is determined to ignore the rumors that appear in the press because she wants to move forward and focus on the future. She will, nevertheless, cherish the beautiful memories they have together.

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