Heat Wave Moves Eastward U.S

U. S. citizens will be put through a resistance test as the heat wave is expected to move eastward in the following days. High temperatures were constantly registered during the entire week and the dog days will most likely continue in the following period, says the Associated Press.

Judging by the temperatures we have experienced so far, it looks like this summer is going to be extremely hot. The highest temperature so far was recorded on Tuesday when more than 251 city thermometers indicated an unbearably hot weather. Thus, 1,015 records have been set last week.

The exaggerated heat has led to many undesired consequences including wildfires in the area of the Colorado Springs. Although similar temperatures are to be expected in the summer, some experts sustain that they were surprised to see so many records broken so early. Usually, it is in July and August that the highest temperatures are recorded. Derek Arndt, head of climate monitoring at the center, claims broken records are abnormal for this time of the year and when they, nevertheless, occur, they are the result of a heat wave.

The most affected countries until now have been the ones in the Mid-Eastern region. Meteorologists warn people that the heat wave will move eastward in the upcoming days, so people living in these areas should protect themselves from the scorching sun.

People on the Eastern coast should resort to any good methods they know to stay cool. Authorities will do their best to protect citizens, but they also need their collaboration. As a consequence, you should stay out of the sun at noon and wear SPF protection. In addition, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and wear light clothes, so you would prevent dehydration.

Given that the temperatures will reach 100 degrees in the weekend, some sports activities that were due to take place on the Eastern cost have been suspended. The Kentucky Derby, for instance has been cancelled because the heat could sicken the horses.

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