Heart Revitalized Program Review: How does it Work?

High levels of cholesterol is known to be a major cause of heart diseases. Because of this, many health-conscious people consume very low cholesterol, or no cholesterol at all, in the hope of eliminating the risk of getting heart problems.

However, what these people do not know, is that even with a cholesterol-free diet, the human body still produces nearly 75 percent of its own daily cholesterol needs. This means that there must be other causes of heart disease other than the naturally produced (good) cholesterol.

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Heart Revitalized Details

The Heart Revitalized is an ebook aimed at helping people to significantly reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases. It promises to show users how to reduce heart attacks and other related diseases by 95 percent within the first seventeen days of use.

It does not matter whether one has a heart disease currently, or have suffered from a heart attack in the past, the program shows step by step, how to flush out bad cholesterol, reverse the effects of heart damage, and have a strong, healthy heart.

It provides a complete list of power foods (e.g. whole foods, fruits, vegetables etc.) that support enzyme production in the liver. Most of the listed foods, are not what many people would expect, but they are guaranteed to reduce cholesterol levels by over seventy percent within the first three weeks. Here is what to expect from this program.

Inside the Heart Revitalized program, users will get to learn how to naturally increase the enzymes (in the liver) responsible for getting rid of bad cholesterol.

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According to Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westpal, when bad cholesterol is removed, the remaining good cholesterol circulates throughout the system, repairing damaged arteries and cells, unclogging blood vessels and powering the heart cells, to enable them regenerate rapidly.


  • Heart Revitalized program provides a natural solution to reverse heart damage and restore maximum heart health.
  • No strict diet rules to follow. Users can enjoy a combination of healthy foods from different food groups.
  • Fast positive results. The program guarantees users a 95 percent reduction in heart attacks and other related diseases within the first seventeen days of use.
  • It contains only natural foods, hence no need to worry about side effects. Because of this, it can be used for the rest of one’s life.
  • Full money money-back guarantee. In case users are dissatisfied with the results of the program within 60 days, they are assured of a full refund within 24-48 hours.
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