Heart Attack Grill Makes 2nd Victim

Reuters reports that Heart Attack Grill made a second victim on Saturday in Las Vegas. A local resident who appeared to be in her 40s ordered a “double bypass burger”, but did not manage to finish it because she collapsed during the meal. The woman was taken to the hospital to determine what might have caused her to faint.

This is the second time a customer collapses in Heart Attack Grill. The first time it happened was in February this year when a man fainted in the Las Vegas-based restaurant. Unlike his case when medical tests clearly showed that the man suffered a heart attack, doctors were not able to determine what happened to the second victim.

Based on onlookers’ declaration, the woman was eating a “double bypass burger” while puffing her cigarettes and sipping a margarita. In the middle of the meal she fell to the ground and employees had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. The woman is now recovering under the careful surveillance of the medical staff.

Neither the first, nor the second victim can sue the restaurant to get compensation for their medical bills because nobody can prove that the two collapses were caused by the Heart Attack Grill menu. Moreover, there is no actual evidence proving that a hamburger can clog arteries; just the medical warnings suggesting that a greasy diet and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to severe heart problems.

Heart Attack Grill is covered against all legal actions due to the legal doctrine of assumption of risk meaning that a person freely accepts to take part in an activity even if he/she might get injured in the respective activity. In addition, there is a sign at the restaurant entrance warning customers that “This Establishment is Bad for Your Health”, so the victims cannot claim that they did not know what they were consuming.

The owner of the Heart Attack Grill told reporters that he feels sorry for the woman and hopes she will recover soon. He further stated that people should be more careful with the products they eat because their bodies will give out when treated with too much grease.

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