HBO Cancels All The Good Shows

We all love a good show but the trouble is that despite their countless numbers it’s really hard to find a show to fall in love with. And once we grow to like some show, when the TV channel decides to cancel it the breakup hurts so much. HBO has broke three times fans’ hearts as it cancels all the good shows.

If you’re a fan of the following three shows that air on HBO, ‘Hung’, ‘How to make it in America’ and ‘Bored to Death’, prepare yourself to sustain a shock. On Tuesday, HBO announced it drops these three, but in exchange it will take on another series of the comedy ‘Enlightened’.

The paradox is that HBO decides to drop some of the most watched and enjoyed shows, only to show another season of a show which has had some of the lowest ratings. So, what’s the deal? Apparently, ‘Enlightened’ got to air another season thanks to getting a pair of Golden Globe nominations.

‘Enlightened’ is a series created by Laura Dern and Mike White and it features the story of Ms. Dern, a woman who returns to her job after suffering a meltdown and then a personal reawakening.

The show premiered October 20 with some low ratings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the premier was watched by 210,000 viewers. Meanwhile, its most recent episode, which aired on December 12, averaged a 0.1 rating among adults aged 18 to 49. About 263,000 people watched the episode.

In comparison, sex comedy ‘Hung’ season 3 finale on December 4 earned a 0.4 rating among viewers in the same age category. About 930,000 people watched the episode. The ‘How to make it in America’ season 2 finale has been watched by about 560,000 people on November 20.

But, before crying your eyes out, the good news is that HBO plans to air six new programs in 2012. Maybe some of these will replace ‘Hung’, ‘How to make it in America’ and ‘Bored to Death’ in your hearts: ‘Luck’ with Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, ‘Veep’ with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ‘Girls’ with Allison Williams, ‘Life’s too short’ by Ricky Gervais, ‘Angry Boys’ with Chris Lilley and finally ‘The Social Network” by writer Aaron Sorkin.

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  1. I do like ‘Enlightened’ , but Bored to death , was truly a light hearted funny series. I will so miss it and I think HBO made a mistake in canceling this show.

  2. I hope HBO isn’t thinking of cancelling The Newsroom! The best show on TV. Brilliant writers,producers and cast members. Finally a show that treats its audience as if it has half a brain! If the show has offended some, so be it. Truth hurts. Tired of news shows lowering its standards by airing reality show cast members. Refreshing to finally see a cable show have the strength to bring up issues which are not always sugar coating news. Bravo. After all you are HBO!

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