Have You Activated the “Limit Ad Tracking” Feature Yet?

There’s a lot you don’t know your iPhone/iPad can do. One of the top 10 secret features of the iOS 6, the Limit Ad tracking option, makes it possible for you to limit advertisers’ tracking and choice of displayed ads.

Apple rolled out the “Limit Ad Tracking” feature with iOS 6, last September, but it also made it possible for advertisers to track each consumer individually by assigning each iPhone, iPad and iPad a unique and anonymous number. This tracks web habits and apps to help advertisers assign better targeted ads.

“iOS 6 introduces the Advertising Identifier, a non-permanent, non-personal device identifier, that apps will use to give you more control over advertisers’ ability to use tracking methods” reads Apple’s “learn more” information about the new IDFA system for advertisers.

The key word to remember is anonymous. The IDFA system gives advertisers access to your web browsing habits under an anonymous identity. The difficult part is however opting out and disabling the IDFA number, hence the “Limit Ad Tracking” feature, which Apple courteously set it off by default.

Chances are you haven’t discovered this feature by yourself, because truth being told, Apple did quite the good job with hiding it exactly where you won’t look for it. So, to find it, go to Settings, select General and then About to find all the Advertising settings. Exactly where you’d normally look for them, right?

But just like the name says “Limit Ad Tracking” will not get advertisers off your back completely. All it does is prevent advertisers to “gather information to serve you targeted ads”. And since the Advertising Identifier is still new practice in mobile advertising, Apple warns you may still receive targeted ads” until “all apps will be required to use the Advertising Identifier”.

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