Have Fun and Make Money Playing Online Bingo

Ask anybody you want, the biggest wish they have is to win the big jackpot playing the lottery. But the odds of actually winning the national lottery jackpot are pretty small compared to the chances of making money or winning prizes playing online bingo.

There are literally hundreds of websites online that give you the chance of making money by playing free online bingo games. And each such website adds to your experience different entertainment options such as meeting new people, all kinds of additional prizes, discounts and even a variety of bingo games. The most user friendly site I found was Not to mention, it was the most fun! So the only question is: are you ready to enter a new world of possibilities?

There is a long history to the US bingo game, dating back to 1929 when Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York went to Jacksonville, Georgia to start his own business. It was then when Ed Lowe got introduced to the game of Beano, the original Bingo game that came from Italy. He started organized the game during carnivals and it wasn’t until a woman won the game and instead of shouting “Beano” she said “BBBingo”. It wasn’t long before Bingo became a huge thrill across the US. He even organized the largest Bingo game in history, with 60,000 players and ten cars being given away as the big prizes.

One of the main questions people have about playing free online bingo games is if this is considered gambling. A lot of persons fear playing bingo is challenging their moral standpoint, but grandma and grandpa do it at their retirement home, so how can this be considered wrong? Bingo is a form of toned down gambling when the prizes include money, but it’s nothing like poker or casino games. Bingo is a fun game but like every other thing that includes you investing your hard-earned money, use caution above everything else.

The main purpose of playing bingo games is having fun. For decades, bingo was all about bringing the community together and giving people a chance to win a prize they’d not normally afford upfront. Churches and charity organizations still stage Bingo games every weekend or so to give people in the community a chance to bond and win prizes. But the appeal for the game and the desire to make money or win a car has prompted the surge of online free bingo games, like Party Bingo for instance.

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