Have An Optimistic Outlook To Protect Your Heart

Despite knowing and being told that stress can only damage health, there still are countless people that forget how much good can an optimistic outlook make. Although not being reminded too often, there are ways to protect your heart and overall health simply by having a different outlook on the world. A study shows that having an optimistic outlook and being happy can protect your heart.

For many people out there, telling them to be happy and have an optimistic outlook on life means absolutely nothing. When problems pile up or the stress of making the money for the next month’s rent or mortgage becomes overwhelming many simply succumb to the hardships of each day. Finding a bit of hope to start the next day on an optimistic tone, often ends up in proving the opposite: the world is a harsh place, particularly when you’re missing out on the primary resource – money.

So, it’s understandable that all the motivational crap on your office’s walls isn’t exactly too easy to abide by. But a new study shows that having an optimistic outlook can protect your heart. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found signs that being happy can actually reduce the risk of suffering strokes, heart attacks, cardiovascular events and keep your heart at ease from such damaging scenarios.

About 200 studies published in PudMed and PsycINFO have been researched. The conclusion showed that happiness, optimism and life satisfaction have been associated with a smaller risk of cardiovascular disease. Study authors explain:

“For example, the most optimistic individuals had an approximately 50% reduced risk of experiencing an initial cardiovascular event compared to their less optimistic peers”.

Although they haven’t exactly found the mechanism that keeps the heart protected from damage in optimistic people, researchers found that “having a purpose in life motivates people and gets them thinking about the future and how they can structure their lives”.

It goes without saying that to have an optimistic outlook on life isn’t exactly easy, when each day the world seems closer to termination, but for your personal health the benefits should be enough. People that are optimists exercise more, have a much healthier diet and don’t waste a night’s sleep too often.

What do you think? Can you change your view on life to take care of your heart?

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