Hater App for iPhone Makes Debut At SXSW

Some might say Hater is an app that gives haters just another reason to hate stuff, but for all the times you wished Facebook had a Dislike button, you finally get to put your two cents in. It’s even easier since the Hater app for iPhone was released over the weekend at the South by Southwest 2013 Coverage (SXSW) event.

You must have searched several times now a way to add a dislike button to Facebook. Sure, you can always write about the stuff that bug you or that you plainly hate, but not being given the option to dislike stuff feels like your opinion is somehow ignored. There are countless mainstream events, statements, pictures, places, movies and so on that users don’t dislike and that feedback should be out there too.

“There was a lack of a place to voice that point of view in social network world”, the apps’ creators explain. “You pin something, like it on Facebook, favorite on Twitter… everyone has these pseudo alter-egos online that are semi-fake and real” the company’s CEO adds. “Everyone is liking food and vacation photos like nothing’s wrong – like it’s this weird, surreal land that isn’t reflective of our society” Jake Banks at Hater continues.

Companies have been ripping the benefits of Facebook’s Like feature for instance, but it would be nice to see how many users will dislike the release of a new product or service, a decision that hinges on consumers’ rights, a presidential speech or another politician’s controversial speech. How many people would have openly disliked for instance BP after the damaging oil spill or Mitt Romney after the 47 percent video was released?

So, how does Hater work? “You share the things you hate with the people you love” explained Jake Banks, chief executive officer of Hater during the SXSW 2013 event. “It’s basically like Instagram for everything you hate” he added.

iPhone users have to download the Hater app from the App Store and get access to a list of photos of things people commonly hate, like bad movies, bad fashion, celebrities gone wild and so on. But they can also add their very own most hated items, by camera or a simple Google image search. They can add photo filters, titles and captions if they want to clarify exactly what they hate about something.

Putting in your two cents is what can help things change, even if its via the Hater app.

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