Harmony Elite, an interesting touchscreen remote

Well, it looks like the universal remote control market has a new contender. These days, the famous Logitech Company has revealed their new high-end device. This interesting clicker comes by the name of Harmony Elite and it is available at the price of 349 dollars.

What’s so special about it and what can it do? This is the question that everyone is curious to receive an answer to. Well, Logitech has only good words about it and they think that the new Harmony Elite will be the number one universal remote on the market.

The new Logitech Harmony Elite combines everything that a user loves. Yes, this clicker comes with a touchscreen and works with a separate hub that hides among the user’s gear, meaning that they can control all of their entertainment devices and other smart-home devices from a single remote control. 

To be mentioned that with this hub users can also control the devices from the Harmony app installed on their tablet or phone. This app is designed so well that any child starting from the age of 5 can use it with no problems. Probably, the Harmony remote controls are the best on the market, but most likely Elite will be their best device so far. This new remote has a better button layout and an incredible battery life that cannot be compared with its predecessor, the Harmony Ultimate.

However, probably the main attraction on this remote control is the touchscreen. Well, we can say that the display brings enough features to be worth the extra money. To be mentioned that there is a now a screen version that is called Harmony Companion and costs approximately half the price. The choice remains fully to customers and how much they are willing to spend for a universal control. 

Having the touchscreen version, users will have the ability to easily access more activities from the remote. Some of these activities are “Play PlayStation 4,” or “Watch TV.” When selecting an activity, the remote will operate in the same time as all of the devices that use it, for example “Watch TV” activity will operate the TV, cable box and the AV receiver.

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