Happy Originally Recorded by Cee-Lo Green

One of the most successful hits at the moment, Happy, apparently was initially recorded by Cee-Lo Green. However, Pharrell Williams is the one who enjoys the spectacular success of this song. 

The Oscar-nominated star and his song Happy have actually reached fame throughout the entire world. Happy is not only a successful single, it can actually be described as a phenomenon, which has conquered an impressive number of individuals. 

Even though the song that Pharrell released in now at number 1, a position that Happy maintained for no less than 10 weeks, it seems that the 41-year old star was not actually the first to record this single. Pharrell himself claimed that the song was originally recorded by someone else. That someone is Cee-Lo Green. 

Pharrell made the interesting revelation in a recent interview with Howard Stern. The star revealed that Cee-Lo Green wanted to make this song and this is exactly what he had done. The singer went on to explain that the version that Green released was actually better than his. But, apparently Cee-Lo Green decided to pass this song to Pharrell after all. 

“He sounded amazing on it, he burns my version! But… how do I say this diplomatically? The powers that be, at the time, did not see it fit for him,” Pharrell said during the interview. “Some folks on his team just felt that the priority should be on [his] album at the time, so they elected not to do that song,” the singer went on to explain. 

Even though the song was a huge hit, it seems that Pharrell is almost 100 percent sure that Cee-Lo Green has absolutely no regrets that he passed on the song. Pharrell claimed that the star has so many successful projects and such a busy agenda that there is no way he could be sorry. Actually, Pharrell said that Green was really happy that Happy achieved this amazing success. 

Happy was created for the soundtrack of the movie Despicable Me 2. The success of the song was huge almost instantly after the moment of its release, thing that really moved Pharrell. The song lead to a phenomenon, Happy in the world, where people from various cities used the song to promote the places where they lived, naturally happy.

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