‘Halloween Kills’ had a blood station on set, according to Judy Greer

Michael Myers just won’t die. The troubled fugitive is back to wreck havoc on Laurie Strode and her family yet again with Halloween Kills, but this time, he’s brought more blood.

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“This film is, as 1000 times better than. It’s so fast-paced,” Judy Greer exclusively shares in the latest edition of DailyGossip. “[Jamie Lee Curtis] so much entertaining and we’re having had a blast creating these films. When we’re in the middle of the chaos, we’d laugh and then be almost completely covered with blood. We had this blood set as well as a bucket of blood off set. The bucket was full of fake blood.”

The location, affectionately referred to by the cast and crew as “the blood station” by the crew and cast, also contained a variety of fake cutters and blades.

“Before we started shooting it, we’d all have to go through the blood lab and dip our hands into the gooey, sticky, awful substance. After doing this a few times, we’d stare at one another and say”What are you doing?’ That’s absurd,” she recalls. “You go to the prop table and notice, like 18 huge knives covered with blood. I was lying in an order on a table prop. It was a struggle to keep away from tiny setups that I was not engaged in.”

Judy Greer Says 'Halloween Kills" Had A Blood Station on the Set The Blood Station is an 'Thousand Times Gorier'
Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills.’ Courtesy Miramax

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As she remained in her own space While keeping her distance Lady of Manor actress was busy, even in the midst of an unusual background.

“I placed my director’s chair in the morgue and I knitted in the director’s chair in a room surrounded by fake deceased bodies which Michael Myers had killed. Also, the chair was covered with blood. It’s all blood,” she tells Us. “There’s the blood of every knitting project that I worked on. There’s some blood on my head. It’s sticky, and amusing and insane. Sometimes, you’re thinking”Crap! I’m going to the bathroom I’m going to the bathroom … There’s been times when I’ve been through an awful thing before, but never like this.”

Judy Greer Says 'Halloween Kills" Had A Blood Station on the Set The Blood Station is an 'Thousand Times Gorier'
Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Halloween Kills.’ Courtesy Miramax

Greer is Curtis her daughter Karen in the sequel to the film with returning actors Andi Matichak, and Will Patton. The Halloween of 2018 sees Michael escapes from a mental facility and is reunited with Laurie (Curtis) following nearly four years. The second time around, Greer reveals his killing rampage extends far further than Haddonfield, Illinois.

“It’s as if Halloween were an opportunity to reintroduce you to the story , the town and its trauma. It’s beautifully made,” she explains. “The first film tells an account of trauma while Halloween Kills tells the story of mob mentality. Then we share it with the world. Instead of revealing it to our family the story is opened out to everyone in the town. … The thing that was thrilling and something I didn’t know about when I first saw the film was how crucial it was to make sure that we had the story right. This was something I enjoyed as an actor. ensure that we’re being honest, and respecting those characters.”

Curtis’ commitment to the series is “inspiring” to Greer. “I hope I do other movies with her,” Greer says to Us. “She loves so much the story about the Strode family from this town as well as Michael Myers. That’s the something I didn’t think about when I was preparing for the first part the importance it was to look at the tale of trauma. I’m thinking, ‘Oh we’re going to have fun! We’re making a scary movie but this is one reason that certain movies succeed, I think and also some artbecause it tells an important story.”

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Halloween Kills is released in theaters on Peacock Friday on October 15. Halloween Ends is scheduled to release in 2022. For more information on Greer take a look at the most recent issue of DailyGossip which is available for purchase now.

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