Halle Berry Rushed To Hospital

Hollywood Life reports that Halle Berry was rushed to hospital after suffering an injury during the shooting of her new movie on Tuesday evening. The actress hit her head on the concrete and her condition is unknown for the moment.

There is always this tendency to eat our hearts out whenever we see the sums of money actors and actresses get for their movie roles. The first thing that usually crosses one’s mind is how can they get paid so much for the little work they do. Yet, celebrities’ head bumps and sprained ankles prove that being a movie star is just as dangerous as any other life risking job.

The most recent victim is Halle Berry, who was injured during an on-set accident on Tuesday. Around 10 p.m., Berry was filming for her new movie “The Hive” when she fell and hit her head on the concrete. The ambulance that was present in the vicinity of the set took the actress to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The doctors who took care of the 45-year-old actress did not release any statement in relation to Berry’s health condition. Her reps did not say how difficult the injury is, so nobody knows whether Halle is in a good or a bad condition.

The “’Catwoman” star is not the only actress who has fallen victim to the harsh on-set working conditions. Last week, Kristin Chenoweth was also taken to the hospital after being injured on the set of “The Good Wife”. According to sources’ declarations, the actress was hit by a piece of lighting equipment, but the injury was minor. Her reps declared later that day that Chenoweth was released from the Bellevue Hospital in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York. Nevertheless, the frail actress was taken to her home because she needed a few days off to recover. She thanked her fans for their support and encouraging messages, in return.

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