Halle Berry Moves To France To Escape All The Drama

Halle Berry’s life hasn’t been easy at all recently. Stalkers, court drama and now death threats and even home issues made Halle Berry file a request in family court to move to France with her daughter.

Several sources, including E!, Radar Online and TMZ say they have confirmed the rumor that actress Halle Berry decided to leave the United States and move to France to live with her fiancée Olivier Martinez. Apparently she has also filed a request with the family court so she could be allowed to bring her daughter with her.

Halle Berry is currently dealing with custody issues with ex Gabriel Aubry and if it hasn’t been easy until now, it’s likely it will get even harder for her since she wants to move their daughter Nahla in France. But if a judge signs off on the move, the problem is solved. And why shouldn’t the court allow Halle to take Nahla to France? Particularly since the actress invokes fears for her life.

Family expert Lisa Helfend Meyer told E! News that the court might have a different thing in mind, particularly since their purpose is to ensure the child’s best interest. Lisa Helfend explains that if the move is found to be a “detriment to the child” which “would interfere with the relationship with the father, that it would harm the child in terms of the child’s ties to where the child is living—then the judge wouldn’t grant” it.

So, why is Halle Berry worried for her life? Two men seem to be responsible for the actress’ fears. One of them has been convicted of stalking Berry and has been released this Saturday from jail. He still has five years’ probation and a 10-year restraining order but that’s not much of a consolation.

The other man that causes Halle Berry nightmares is the infamous Robert Hoskins, an individual who allegedly threatened to slit her throat. He escaped from a mental institution last week and he already has a bad history with its celebrity obsession. In 1995 he was shot by Madonna’s bodyguard  and was later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Sources say that the actress’ friends are scared for her life and that she is terrified for her safety.

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