Hacking Attack Shakes Sony

The hacking attack dating back to December 2014 has deeply shaken famous company Sony Pictures. Hackers who broke into Sony’s systems have managed to obtain a wide range of sensitive information, including data about employees. 

Without a doubt, employees were frightened by what happened. Their social security number, addresses and even their salaries were exposed on the Internet. However, not only the employees of the famous company were affected. In fact, Sony’s future projects might have been compromised because of the hack.

Last month it has been revealed that hackers actually managed to steal a copy of the latest James Bond movie. Hackers obtained an early version of the script for movie Spectre. The movie was set to star Daniel Craig, as James Bond. It also had a release date, for November 6. The release of the movie was announced last year, while filming started in December. It seems that its producers wanted to keep the story a surprise, as they only revealed little about the plot. 

Last month it had been said that the hack will turn out costing Sony Pictures no less than 76 million euros. However, the damage might be even bigger, as hackers might expose other information in the following period. It has been said that the hack even determined Sony Pictures to stop producing a series of movies, including the latest James Bond film. However, a spokesman for the company claimed that the reports are not true and they are continuing to work as initially planned. 

The hack has also affected movie stars. It has been revealed that Angelina Jolie has not left the best impression on Sony officials, while George Clooney is said to be deeply affected by bad reviews and rumors. Apparently, Clooney wrote to Sony producers that he needs protection from all the reviews. The emails sent between Clooney and Sony indicate that the actor has serious self-confidence issues and Sony officials were not able to calm him down. 

The identity of the hackers has naturally not been revealed and it is yet to find out if the FBI or the authorities will be able to find out precisely who is behind the hack.

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