Hackers Found New Ways To Attack Your Android Phone

What other better way to pick hackers’ brains than at a Black Hat convention? During such an event, hackers found new ways to attack your Android phone using NFC features.

Most of today’s smartphone users hope they will be able to use their device for a lot more stuff than checking out Facebook, Twitter and their emails. To be fair, most of the app a users has on its smartphone are pretty much useless from a practical point of view. But there’s hope the Near Field Communication technology would turn your smartphone just as precious as your wallet.

That would obviously solve a lot of issues, but as hackers showed in a recent Black Hat hacking convention in Las Vegas, you’d better stick to the outdated wallet. About 6,500 corporate and government security experts gathered earlier this week in Las Vegas to pick hackers’ brains. And hackers met their expectations. They found new ways to attack your Android phone using what you’d imagine it’s a safe connection.

Serial phone hacker Charlie Miller explained he could take over your phone using that much expected NFC feature. Miller told security experts he put together a device the size of a stamp that could hijack your Android phone without anybody knowing. He’d set it up near a cash register and when an Android smartphone compatible with the NFC technology enters its rage it gives the hacker access to the system.

And don’t imagine that’s the only way hackers can attack your Android Phone. Charlie Miller also showed how to take advantage of Bluetooth connections to access your smartphone’s system, while hacking expert Georg Wicherski attacked Android smartphones through the exploit of security flaw in the system’s browser.

It’s obvious that hackers will always find new ways to attack your Android phone. But when it comes to security difference between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices, hackers and security experts explain it is the frequency of the updates that is important.

“Google has added some great security features, but nobody has them” said March Maiffret with security firm BeyondTrust. In the meanwhile, Apple makes available security updates for its iOS based devices as soon as they are released.

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