H&M launches The Pants Collection 2012

The famous Swedish retailer, H&M, announced on Monday that The Pants Collection 2012 will soon be available in stores across the United States. The new collection includes various models of trousers that are comfortable enough for the summer, yet fashionable enough to make you look stylish on any occasion.

Judging by the pictures that the spokespersons of the company have released to the press, the black is definitely out this summer with the accent being placed on colorful clothing items. H&M is the store you want to visit in case you are looking to purchase a pair of flowery pants for the upcoming sunny season. The retailer has communicated that their new collection of trousers was mainly embellished with flower and fruit prints. 

Denim pants represent the second most popular item in the new H&M collection given their large presence in stores. Marin blue is the color that designers at H&M propose for the summer 2012, but there are also light blue and beige jeans, as well. Neutrals continue to be popular this season, too.

The diversity of the collection is not given by the colors or the prints that have been used, but by the models of the pants. Female customers can choose any length they want for their trousers as the Swedish retailer has created various designs from ankle-length, to ¾-length and to shorts. Slim-fit and wide-leg pants seem to be very popular this summer, which is why H&M offers its customers numerous such models, so women can create all sorts of combinations.

Unlike the previous years when the high-rise pants were the favorite products of H&M’s customer, the Swedish clothing manufacturer claims that low-rise pants will be very popular this summer. As a consequence, the majority of the trousers that may be found on the shelves of their stores belong to the second category. This shouldn’t be a problem for women as these pairs of pants can be easily combined with long shirts and blouses for a professional look.  

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