Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Might Get Back Together

The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have remained in great terms despite their split is no secret. In fact, the two are very close friends and it seems that things might have evolved even further. So, a new report from Radar Online indicated that the famous actress and the musician are going to get back together. 

Gwyneth and Chris have stopped being a couple about two years ago. However, they only officially finalized their divorce this year. Now, the two may have realized that being together is what makes them happy. “Both Chris and Gwyneth have tried and failed to move on … she really misses his companionship,” a source said according to the celebrity site.

“They might have had a bohemian marriage, but it worked. She’s beginning to regret pulling the plug. She and Chris actually had it pretty good,” the same source went on to add. Well, the fact is that Chris and Gwyneth’s separation came as a shock for everyone, as before the split they have been a couple for over a decade. The two stars have two children together, Apple and Moses. 

Since their official split, the two have been linked to other people. Gwyneth has mostly been linked to Glee producer Brad Falchuck and at some point rumors indicated that the romance has become really serious. On the other hand, Chris was associated to famous actress Jennifer Lawrence. The two have been dating for long and when they separated rumors said that the split was actually caused by Chris’ very close relationship to his former wife. 

The new report also indicated that Gwyneth has lately been dealing with some relationship problems with Brad, which maybe influenced her decision to give it another try with her former husband. “After countless fights with Brad over the fact that he refused divorce his ex-wife for her, the last straw came in September, when Brad ditched Gwyneth’s Mexican birthday vacation. Since then, the two have not attended one formal event together!” the source explained. 

Hollywood Life reported that it talked to a source close to the couple which denied the reconciliation claims.

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