Guy Fieri Dismisses Review Of His Restaurant

After getting severely criticized in the New York Times, Guy Fieri dismissed the negative review of his restaurant. The famous television personality rated the review as “overboard” and suggested that the food critic was only trying to gain attention for himself.

Guy Fieri was invited during the Thursday’s edition of the “Today” show to talk about the recent review he received for his newly opened restaurants. Although New York Times has published previous critics of his restaurants, the television personality no longer trusts the food critic Pete Wells’ opinion. He told the talk show host that the reviewer was determined to take into account only the negative aspects, so Fieri and his employees didn’t really have a chance to prove their qualities.

Wells published a lengthy review of the restaurant containing numerous negative words. According to him, “Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar” has altered the taste of some of the most favorite dishes, including the Cajun Chicken Alfredo. He further wrote that the toasted marshmallows tasted like fish and, therefore, suggested people to stay away from the eatery as much as possible. In the end, he associated the looks of the drinks with “nuclear waste” and complaint about the quality of the service.

Fieri takes pride in his experience as a restaurant owner, so he was not at all afflicted by the negative review. He believes it was Pete, who went too far with his description using highly offensive words. He blames Pete’s “different agenda” for the mistakes that were made. In Guy’s opinion, Wells had expectations that were too big for a restaurant which was open two months ago. The food critic should have understood that the first months are the hardest and there are various problems that the staff may encounter.

Fieri just couldn’t believe that a person could be disappointed with absolutely every single product he consumes in a restaurant. He even implied that Pete Wells came with the intention to criticize the restaurant, so there was nothing that could have pleased him.

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