Groupon Offers To Name Your Next Baby

Ahead of Father’s Day, Groupon had quite a unique deal. Part of the company’s strategy to be the rage, yesterday, Groupon offered to name your next baby if you paid them a thousand bucks.

If only last week Groupon was putting one of its employees on deal, now Ben Kobold’s $1,000 chore day is history. The company found something a bit more outrageous to spice up the game and raise media coverage. Basically, for $1,000 you could have your baby named by Groupon.

“In a nutshell, Groupon names your baby” reads the deal’s description. “Upon your child’s birth, Groupon will relieve you of the burden of naming your baby by bestowing a specially selected,  custom-first name upon your infant or daughter” reads their website. Plus the deal was limited to “one per parent, unless you have twins, triplets or quadruplets, in which case you can buy one per child”.

Calling itself “the official world’s foremost authority in baby naming”, Groupon offered yesterday to name your offspring Clembough. For some reason, Groupon believed someone would actually pay $1,000 to have his offspring named Clembough…Anyway the company’s selling pitch read: “any attempt to name your child ‘Clembough’ independent of this exclusive Groupon will be recognized by the world as a cheap imitation”.

Although many believed it was just a publicity stunt, someone actually bought the deal. On Monday, a spokesperson for the company confirmed the deal was real and that someone did in fact pay $1,000 to have his or her baby named Clembough. Unfortunately, the company didn’t offer any details, but with a name like that the baby is bound to hit the news sooner or later.

The deal is still on for another day and it seems that five people already bought the deal. Perhaps they bought it for a friend, as a joke, but who’s to say Clembough isn’t a nice name. In the end, it’s all up to the parents, and weirder names have been heard before.

Huffington Post’s baby name experts, Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz hope Groupon’s deal is a joke. Pamela Redmond said they’ve put the name in a query on and allowed the readers to vote. The overall reaction was they’d definitely not name their baby Clembough.

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