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A world championship and two European: This is the honors of France. The French federation was founded April 7, 1919, while affiliated to FIFA since 1904. E ‘joined UEFA in 1954. In its history the national team of France has won seven titles, of which 6 are of great prestige in order of importance remember a World Championship – home edition of 1998 with a 3-0 final success against Brazil -, 2 championships European countries – in 1984, surpassing the final home edition, Spain, 2-0, 2000, edition of Belgium / Netherlands, surpassing Italy to a 2-1 golden goal (1-1 to 90 ‘) – and we are also a French couple (in 1985, 2-0 in Paris against Uruguay) and two Confederations Cup (in 2001, surpassing Japan in the final 1-0 in Yokohama in 2003, defeating Cameroon for 1-0 after extra time in Paris). Shouts a lesser tournament, the Kirin Cup in 1994. Note the recent rise of calcium trans that until little more than a quarter of a century ago had not won any title at national team.
Thirteenth finals in France, the fifth consecutive record for the ‘blues’. The maximum goal was achieved in 1998 with the conquest of the world title in the edition held in the house: 3-0 success over Brazil in the final in Paris on July 12. Previously, France had won two third places in 1958 (beating West Germany 6-3 in the consolation final) and 1986 (going 4-2 after extra time in Belgium glides). In other equity France came out in the first round in the editions 1930, 1934, 1954, 1966, 1978 and dramatically as champion in Korea-Japan 2002.
The removal came in the second round in 1938, while France came in 1982, losing the fourth 2-3 by Poland in the consolation final. Finally, the second in 2006, beaten by Italy in the final, 3-5 on penalties after the 90 ‘and 120’ the race had closed cover 1-1. The budget of the 51 races the French national team is 25 wins, 10 draws and 16 defeats, with 95 goals scored and 64 goals received. France has played the first ones in the history of race World Cup 4-1 against Mexico in Montevideo, July 13, 1930. The first goal in the history of World Cup finals was marked July 13, 1930-Mexico 4-1 in France: the French realized Lucien Laurent, the brother of the famous Jean, who collected a ball at the edge of the area past goalkeeper Mexican Bonfiglio with a dry trip.
Just Fontaine, the author of 13 goals in 1958, is still the American record-man between the markers in a single edition of the World. Zinedine Zidane is one of two players pluriespulsi in World Cup history, alongside the Cameroonian Rigobert Song: 2, “red-head. Zidane suffered his two red cards during one at France 98 France-Saudi Arabia 4-0 to 70 ‘(the Mexican referee Brizio Carter) and the other in Germany 2006 to 110’ of final France-Italy 5-3 after penalties (1-1 to 90 ‘and 120’), the arbitrator ‘Argentine Elizondo.
Raymond Domenech more than ever alone against all: the World Cup in South Africa are up parting of the most controversial coach in the history of French national, who is still world champion runner. Qualified with a hand ball for Thierry Henry against Ireland to Trapattoni, France is not loved by its fans and is torn by controversy but has an easy group. The risk is to go out like in 2002. Everything in the house of Les Bleus, is controversial and no row in the right direction. The last case is to Zahia, the escort who had relations with a couple of players when he was a minor, certainly with Franck Ribery, summoned, perhaps with Karim Benzema, left at home. Great “old” in 1998 is Thierry Henry, a stone’s throw from the golden pension plan, while Patrick Vieira was seen to withdraw at once captain and national team. Even in this case went smoothly, Vieira accusing Domenech controversy has not spoken to him clearly.

Captain Henry will be in declining phase, often on the bench in Barcelona and with the popularity dive for the ugly episode of handball against the Irish. The top two players in the group, Franck Ribery and Yoann Gourcuff, arrive at the world in opposite conditions: the first, having delighted last year to return to Bordeaux from Milan, this year appeared subdued and some have accused of think the world already. Ribery, by contrast, has struggled against muscular ailments of all kinds but eventually dragged Bayern in a thrilling finale to the season although they can not play the final in Madrid. Extraction of the two is played the hopes of Les Bleus, since the attack is based largely on Anelka. In defense of Domenech’s reign of errors, the only real good news in recent times is to have finally found a goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, since Sebastien Frey is not even considered. The incurable optimists hope that South Africa clearly printed in the group, as was the beginning of the triumphal march in 1998, the pessimists read dark omens opening against Uruguay, which is the most difficult match on paper and shows the mind 0-0 to Korea in 2002 with the expulsion of Thierry Henry.

After the World Cup will go away, there is a designated coach (Laurent Blanc), but for South Africa 2010, the destiny of France is still called Raymond Domenech. Born January 24, 1952 in Lyon (France) Domenech is of Spanish origin, has moved quickly in France, where he had fled his father and his family during the dictatorship of Franco. A lover of astrology and past emerged where juvenile actor for performances of works by Ionesco, spent a good playing career, in which, as quarterback, has dressed the mesh in Lyon, Strasbourg, Paris St Germain, Bordeaux and Mulhouse, winning a total of two seasons (1978/79 and Bordeaux Strasbourg 1983/84), and a pair of France (Lyon 1972/73), totaling eight appearances also goalless in the uniform of the French national team. Domenech has also undertaken the technical career since 1985, assuming the leadership of Mulhouse. In 1988 Lyons went on the bench, bringing the first year the club in Serie A (1988/89) and, after five years in today’s most famous clubs in France, has assumed the role of coach of the Under-21 French, under his management, life eleven years, has achieved excellent results in both the European Championship, coming so close to the title in 2002 (losing in the final 1-3 on penalties against the Czech Republic) and in other events child “appeal” as the Toulon Tournament (won in 1997 and 2004) and Casablanca Tournament (won in 1999). In 2000/01 he also once led the Under-20 selection.
After a little exciting adventure of France to Portugal at Euro 2004, Domenech replaced Jacques Santini as coach of French increased selection from July 12, 2004. The current French coach was able to lead France to the finals of the 2006 World Cup, after a start where stentatissimo Bleus have already seriously threatened to quit the group stage. Disappointing participation in Euro 2008, where France came out after the group stage without winning any game. At the end of 2010 World Domenech leave, come what adventure in South Africa, the home team bench: Laurent Blanc will replace it.
Raymond Domenech attend the second World Cup career, again as a coach, second row. In 2006, France surrendered its only on penalties to Italy in the final, closing the route to be undefeated with 4 wins and 3 draws in their favor. South Africa participating in 2010, Domenech will become only the second coach to have led the French trans selection in two editions of the World Cup finals, equaling the record held by Michel Hidalgo (1978 and 1982). Not only in the third group match, that of 22 June against the hosts South Africa will reach 10 appearances rainbow Hidalgo, thus becoming even CT pluripresente the World among those who led France.

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