Green Fashion: Why do celebrities choose Emerald Green

Green Fashion takes the lead spot in the Red carpet Events. And we are not talking about environmental friendly clothing this time, but about the Emerald shade of green. Which celebrities have intuited its fashion value and why they chose it, read below.

Lately, a huge number of celebrities have been seen wearing green on the red carpet. And the reason was not to be in a pleasant contrast with the bright shade of red of the carpet (although,” it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” as the song says). The truth is that Emerald green has been paid attention to way too little by the fashion world. And, as any elements that have not yet been exploited, it turns out to be very resourceful when it comes to mixing and matching this shade to other colors, accessories, textures and so on.

The passion for Emerald green has begun in January 2011, when Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis were seen wearing it. They started the trend. And now, the jewel color is still in the preferences of many singers, actresses, reality stars and socialites. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, couldn’t stay away.  The dress she is wearing in this photo is so simple and elegant. The color is enough to set it out from the crowd. Among other celebrities who decided to try the hypnotic effect of Emerald green are: Rachel Weisz, Kristin Davis, Rose Byrne, Christina Applegate and Taylor Swift.

So, why wear it? First of all, the color screams “ladylike-chic”, as InStyle says.  It is sophisticated, feminine and bold. You can wear it with bright-colored accessories and shoes.

In addition to that, green is a color that has a positive impact on the brain. It is the only color that offers a perfect emotional and psychological balance, releases the tension and prevents stress. Plus, in color therapy, green is known to help the weight loss process.

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