Green Day Singer Hospitalized, Band Cancels Concert

With three new albums to be released, Green Day is looking at a potential disaster. Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong was hospitalized this weekend forcing the band to cancel its concert in Bologna, Italy.

September 25 is the release date for Green Day’s first album of the three they have planned out. “Uno!”, “Dos!” and “Tre!” are set to be released all within four months, only six months apart. But just three weeks before “Uno!”’s release date, Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day frontman, was rushed to a hospital in Italy.

Bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool recorded a video message explaining fans their band’s singer Billie Joe Armstrong had to be hospitalized. The concert the band was set to play in Bologna, Italy was pushed for next summer.

“Billie was rushed to hospital last night due to illness and the doctors don’t think it’s a great idea for him to play today” said Green Day members. “This sucks. We were really looking forward to playing Bologna” said bassist Mike Dimt and drummer Tre Cool in their recorded message to their fans.

“Billie is extremely upset about it. We are beyond devastated and will make it up to you when we come back next summer” explained Green Day to the fans that bought tickets to their concert in Bologna, now canceled.

While there was no word on Billie Joe Armstrong’s exact illness it’s likely the Green Day singer was just too exhausted. Both the band and his own professional career have been taking their toll lately.

The band has three albums it plans to release within four months. “We have a mammoth task ahead” said frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in an interview earlier this summer. “We usually have five weeks of rehearsals up to the release of an album but this time it’s 10 weeks including promo and production as we have three records in one” he added. “We don’t make things easy for ourselves” the Green Day singer concluded.

At the same time Green Day has also been working on two documentaries which will be released with their second and third albums in the trilogy. One documentary follows the making-off the trilogy album while the second one follows the Green Day members before celebrity.

And then there’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s gig as a mentor on Christina Aguilera’s team on NBC’s “The Voice”.

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